2 April 2020

Mobilise your virtual clinical workforce at speed and at scale with MediRecords

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The Coronavirus outbreak has significantly disrupted the delivery of primary and allied health care to the point where some healthcare businesses need to rapidly change how they deliver care to their patients by offering new virtual models including telehealth and phone care

Our healthcare workforce needs to be deployed and provided with the clinical tools needed to manage the urgent on demand healthcare needs of all Australians. We also need to create new service models that provide protection for our healthcare workers who will be working long hours under difficult circumstances.

Technology has a significant role to play in supporting this unexpected disruption. MediRecords is a cloud-based clinical and practice management solution for primary care, acute and urgent care. Over the last month, we integrated with Amazon Connect, an omnichannel cloud-based contact center telephony solution in direct response to a COVID-19 health workforce challenge. MediRecords has been deployed in a number of large-scale implementations in government and at speed by applying the latest technologies and an agile approach to execution.

MediRecords and its partners can work with you to rapidly deploy an end-to-end cloud-based clinical solution for large scale enterprises looking to mobilise and scale out their workforce.

  • GP Cloud-based PMS
  • 100% Browser based, access anywhere, anytime
  • Integrated Telehealth
  • Integrated ADFS & PAS systems
  • Dedicated Secure instances on AWS
  • Connected to the broader health ecosystem, eRx, MHR, Labs etc.
  • Manage call flow
  • Attribute based call & chat routing
  • Triage calls, pre-screening via voice & IVR
  • Support for a virtualised remote workforce
  • Optional Voice recognition, AI, Conversational Bots. Voice Recording, Transcription

MediRecords is COVID-19 ready

  • SNOMED-CT-AU COVID-19 coding (OntoServer)
  • COVID-19 Case Definition Examination form
  • Diagnostic Test Ordering for SARS-CoV-2
  • MBS Telehealth Items & Claiming
  • Integrated Telehealth Solution – Coviu
  • Patient Education Fact Sheets
  • Patient Facing Applications and Engagement tools (SMS, Email, Mobile Apps)
  • MediRecords – Amazon Connect Integration

Medirecords has Amazon Connect Integration

Support for both inbound and outbound call services  is available directly from within MediRecords.
MediRecords will automatically open a patient record on receiving a call
It also features integrated ADFS supporting single sign on across systems, and record call session identifiers & call attributes including triaging activities directly in MediRecords

For more information contact Matthew Galetto via email [email protected] or register your interest HERE

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COVID-19 live update