11 December 2017

Get your GPDU18 ticket before Xmas to save another 15%

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Christmas is coming so GPDU, with a little help from its lovely sponsors who have got on board early, has decided to help you plan ahead by getting your GPDU conference tickets locked away early, and at a great price.

Until Christmas, GPDU18 will be selling its early-bird tickets at the super rate of less 15%.

That means you can come to a  three-day conference, with workshops, the lot, on the sunny Gold Coast for a mere $582! (+GST).

So amid all the holiday mayhem, stop for the six minutes or so it takes to register. Your code can also be used on the combo dinner tickets and dinner tickets. So 15% off all tickets, at the super early bird offer.

GPDU18 is the inaugural gathering of the online GP facebook group, GPs Down Under, which is following in the footsteps of other successful doctor-based social media community group conferences, SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) and DFTB (Don’t Forget The Bubbles).

QI and CPD points are available at the rate of two points per hour for the majority of sessions.

Sessions include:

  • GP medical emergencies
  • Training doctors today for a future we know we don’t yet fully understand
  • Opiates, other addictive drugs and patient management
  • Resilience, empathy and the role of leadership skills in navigating the future of training and learning
  • Practical ultra-sound for GPs
  • Health care homes, medical homes and the future of funding
  • The after-life of after hours
  • Peer support and advocacy networks for doctors
  • Managing dangerous patients
  • And much much more…see workshop detail HERE

Please note, all healthcare professionals and industry professionals are welcome.

GPDU the facebook group is restricted to GPs and registrars only for clinical learning and peer support reasons, but GPDU is trying with this conference to help take the GP community outwards into the wider health community for better healthcare.

We are able to introduce this offer because sponsors have been very generous in providing early support to GPDU18. All our early sponsors love the idea of the “grass roots” nature of the GPDU community and were excited to be able to help this inaugural event. They include:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim –  an independent medical education grant
  • IPN Medical Centres
  • National Home Doctor Service
  • Mysamples
  • The MJA
  • Wesley Hyperbaric Centre
  • Healthshare
  • HealthEd
  • Tonic Health Media
  • Welio
  • The Medical Republic

If you are interested in presenting or being a sponsor, please email Jeremy at [email protected]

All other information on the new GPDU site at www.gpdu.com.au.

See the full program and workshops HERE

You can get your tickets directly HERE

Your Super Early Bird Discount CODE is GPDU18SEB. Look for the small blue writing at the top of the page to enter your code after you click the green tickets button and opt for either individual ticket or group tickets. The discount applies to groups as well, so get your team organised pre-xmas, so you can relax.

Note: Quite a few people who pre-registered have already bought tickets with their 5% pre-registration discount. We will send you an email to make sure we refund you a further 15% on your discounted pre-registrant ticket by direct debit to your account. Don’t worry, we know who you are!