19 June 2020

US general practices also suffering financially from COVID-19

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  • Afternoon update: GPs in the US also taking financial hits from COVID-19 pandemic, and updated advice on COVID-19 security for aged care facilities.
  • Morning update: Deputy CMO calls for blood donations from recovered COVID-19 patients, while large US study suggests convalescent plasma transfusions are safe.
  • The latest confirmed COVID-19 infection figures for Australia.

4.15pm, June 19

  • It’s not just Australian general practices who are suffering financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. JAMA reports that in the United States, some family practices are turning to fundraising sites such as GoFundMe to keep their clinics afloat, and cites a survey which found 97% of 724 medical practices were negatively affected by COVID-19. Another survey of physicians in Texas found nearly two-thirds had cut their working hours, and 62% had their salaries reduced.
    As recently as late May, 6% of 558 US primary care physicians said their practices were closed, and one-third had put staff on furlough.
  • Also in the United States, the Washington Post has published a gut-wrenching tribute to some of the hundreds of healthcare workers who have died from COVID-19. Have the tissues handy; it’s devastatingly sad.
  • The Australian Health Protection Principle Committee has released updated advice for aged care facilities on how to minimise the impact of COVID-19. Returned travellers, close contacts of COVID-19 cases, individuals who are unwell, or those who are not vaccinated against influenza should not be allowed into aged care facilities, but restrictions are lifted for children of all ages, visiting service providers, close relatives and spouses.
    However only two visitors are allowed at a time per resident, and the visits should avoid communal areas. AHPPC has also advised that facilities should move to higher levels of protection if local cases of COVID-19 emerge.

11.55am, June 19

  • COVID-19 recoverees: the government wants your blood. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd has used National Blood Donor Week to issue a call for patients who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection to donate blood so it can be used for research into treatments for the disease.
    While some early studies suggested transfusions of convalescent plasma could shorten the intensity or duration of severe COVID-19, more recent data has called those early findings into question. The one thing that does appear to be consistent across studies is that the treatment is safe, with new data from a 20,000-strong observational study finding a low incidence of serious adverse events even in a diverse population of COVID-19 patients.
    However that latest study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, did not have a control group so even the authors said it was not designed to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment.

8.55am, June 19

  • There has been another surge in COVID-19 in Victoria, with 18 new infections reported yesterday. These included a toddler and staff member at separate childcare facilities, a staff member at a rehabilitation centre, and six returned travellers in hotel quarantine. Three cases are still under investigation.
    Here are the latest confirmed infection figures around Australia to 9pm yesterday:
    National – 7391, with 102 deaths and 6877 recovered
    ACT – 108
    NSW – 3137
    NT – 29
    QLD – 1066
    SA – 440
    TAS – 228
    VIC – 1780
    WA – 603


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Peter Bradley
Peter Bradley
22 days 2 hours ago
No real surprise here. Will the govt step in to help..? I doubt it. Only when GP is on its very knees is there likely to be a lightbulb moment on the part of the ‘powers that be’. Sadly, by then it might be too late. I just wish more of my colleagues would have listened to me, when I was exhorting them to unite, and push strongly for a salaried set-up for GPs. It might be the only thing that might rescue the specialty, and make it more attractive to enter. I doubt it will happen though.
Lou Lewis
Lou Lewis
22 days 2 hours ago
Before I write my comment on this article entitled, and I quote,”US general practices also suffering financially from COVID-19” I would like to preface it with some background information that is relevant to what I am going to say. In the years leading up to the Sydney Olympics 2000, I was a member of the prestigious AIBA ( the international Body that runs all Amateur Boxing all over the world) Medical Commission, which was made up of 20 doctors from all over the world, including one from America, one from Canada, one from Australasia, and quite a few from Europe… Read more »