1 June 2020

NOW ON!: Q&A on new asthma guidelines


 OPC AIR TIME seminar is now on featuring a special session at 11.20am where members of the Asthma Guidelines committee – Professor Peter Wark and Professor Amanda Barnard (Chair) – will discuss the implications of the changes announced earlier this week. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for free

 As a part of the proceedings you will be able to ask the committee members questions live. Register for the free webinar HERE. You do not have to attend the full seminar to log into this session.

 Other sessions on the day include:


Key speakers include:

Register for free HERE

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Russell Wiseman
Russell Wiseman
1 month 9 days ago

Dear “TMR” staff, just a correction for political correctness, I am not a member of the NAC Guidelines Committee. Like Amanda I was a charter member of GPAG ( GP Asthma Group) 27yrs ago, now morphed into GPAAG ( GP Asthma Advisory Group). I merely chaired the Mild Asthma Working Group convened last year to discuss & debate all the new trials and present a summary position forward this year to the Guidelines Committee , chaired by Amanda. Peter is also a member of the Guidelines Committee, but I am not.
I look forward to Saturday’s webinar. The agenda looks great.