9 November 2018

Last chance for Wild Health No 3 tickets

Informatics Technology

Last tickets are now being sold for Wild Health No 3, Australia’s premiere one day TEDx style summit on the state and future of our key digital health projects and plans. CLICK HERE and use promo code TMRF for 15% off tickets

Wild Health No 3 at Sydney’s Seymour Centre on Tuesday November 20 is one day of key global and Australian thought leaders debating the important issues facing Australia’s efforts at digital health transformation. It’s not like any other digital health event format. It’s most like a day of Q&A and is now becoming widely recognised as the event to hear the thought leaders, question them and get updated on the latest thinking and trends in just one day, while having some fun.

The format features moderators like Craig Reucassel from ABCs War on Waste, Dr Norman Swan,  and Medical Republic’s publisher Jeremy Knibbs. The focus is on getting at the issues, asking the hard questions, and moving on key agendas like the My Health Record, secure interoperability, data privacy, and emerging digital platforms for patient centricity.

Some key speakers and panellists include:

• Professor John Halmaka CIO of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess System, International Healthcare Innovation
• Eyal Oren, of Google Brain Health on Google’s now serious tilt at health machine learning and what it might mean for patient centricity
• Professor Mary Foley, CEO of Telstra Health
• Emma Hossack, CEO of the medical software industry association of Australia
• Grahame Grieve, enigmatic founder of FHIR on how distributed and secure web data sharing might revolutionise our healthcare systems
• Darren Rogers on what is probably our most successful digitised hospital

Topics to be discussed and debated include:

• The real state of the MHR after opt out
• The emergence of local platforms that will empower patients and HCPs
• EMRs vs patient management systems in primary care and how they talk
• The cloud, government, data ownership and security
• And much more

Your promo code for a 15% discount off your ticket as a TMR reader is TMRF. CLICK HERE to redeem the code. You enter it top right after you click the green ticketing button.

Hope to see you there.