13 May 2019

Just how effective is menopausal hormone therapy?



In a two-part video, find out the effect of MHT on some common symptoms like VMS, sleep disturbances and mood in addition to the long-term impact on osteoporosis-related fractures. Then delve into vaginal and urinary tract symptoms and look at addressing sexual function.

These short videos are part of a series of brief, topical discussions with women’s health authority Dr Terri Foran, in which she takes a practical look at the questions commonly face when you manage a woman with menopausal symptoms.

Some of the other topics in the series include:
• Lifestyle modifications & alternative therapies — Do they really help?
• MHT – Which progesterone? Body identical vs bioidentical
• The risks associated with MHT — Today’s evidence
• MHT in practice
— When to start
— When to finish
— Addressing patient concerns

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MHT, menopausal hormone therapy; VMS, vasomotor symptoms.

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