11 June 2020

TONIGHT: Uterine sparing techniques, probiotics and strategies for weight loss

Clinical Webinars

The rate of hysterectomy in Australia for women aged 15 and over is nearly three times more (80,000 versus 28,600) than those who had endometrial ablation over the same three-year period from 2013-2015, research shows.

And hysterectomy rates in Australia are far higher than other developed countries, such as the UK, where endometrial ablations are now performed at a rate three times that of hysterectomy.

Tune in tonight’s Healthed webcast to hear from Professor Jason Abbott, renowned Sydney-based obstetrician-gynaecologist surgeon, about why uterine-sparing procedures are favoured over hysterectomy, despite uptake in Australia remaining low.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

RACGP: 4 CPD activity points applied for
ACRRM: 2 hours under the Educational Activities Category applied for

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The webcast will feature the following speakers:

Uterine Sparing Surgical Techniques in the Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Prof Jason Abbott,

Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon; Professor of Gynaecological Surgery, UNSW; Director, GRACE Unit Royal Hospital for Women

Microbiome, Probiotics and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Prof Patricia Conway,

Adjunct Professor, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UNSW

Obesity Cases – A Practical Approach 

Prof John Dixon,

Adjunct Professor, Iverson Health Innovations Institute, Swinburne University, Melbourne

VLCDs for Obesity – Practical Implementation in Primary Care

Melanie McGrice,

Fertility and Prenatal Dietitian; Founder of Nutrition Plus


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