26 June 2017

Head transplants? You’ve got to be kidding …


Human head transplants? That has got to be a joke, right?

Wrong! From the (allegedly not mad) Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero, who last month brought us news of his creation of a series of two-head rodents, comes claims of severing, then successful reattaching of, the spinal cords of mice. To do this, Canavero used a plastic glue solution called polyethylene glycol. The question is, WHY!

Because doing so is another small step towards his ultimate goal of performing the world’s first human head transplant, that’s why.

According to Canavero, such an operation would require 150 doctors and nurses and abour 36 hours of surgery, and he has even lined up a human volunteer to undergo the inaugural procedure.

Setting aside some fairly substantial ethical (not to mention medical) issues, we have to ask: is this really the best use of anyone’s time?