1 June 2018

Why GPDU? ready reckoner

RedHerring Social Media

No more struggling to understand the phenomenon of GPDU.

The amount of times people have asked me to explain what GPs Down Under is, why it is growing so fast, and who do I talk to there, I’ve long lost count of.

And it’s not always an easy question to answer. These days I say something like “new power in general practice”, which is a reference to  a great new book about how social media collectives and organisations are rising through the middle of old power structures to become influential and change stuff.

If you tell the GPDU admins that GPDU is new power and influential they will wince and say something like “we’re just using tech to talk to each other more effectively, stop making it seem all big and potentially political”. But GPDU is influential and big. And it’s growing.

But it’s not like old power. The admins, who all moderate it for free, aren’t the influencers. The collective hive of doctors who rumble over issues on the group are the influencers.

Just in case you can’t understand that rant, in a session at GPs Down Under inaugural conference yesterday one of the admins solved all the explanation problems with the following highly sophisticated take on the question ‘What is GPDU?’

So when ever Im asked now Im just going to refer them to this handy infographic