31 January 2018

GP interoperability: yawn. How about one more patient hour per day?

Practice Management


Interoperability is seemingly boring and out of reach for its complexity for many grassroots GPs. A new Q&A summit in Melbourne this April is set to change this picture.

One patient hour per day is the estimate given for the amount of time that poor interoperability takes away from the average doctor in the average practice. Regardless, the very mention of the word ‘interoperability’ sends most coal face practising GPs into a coma. The topic is usually relegated to the practice manager to keep on top of, or in the case of larger practices and corporates, “someone else who knows about that stuff”. It involves strange words, dark IT arts, the government, HL-7 standards, and other such strange things, that there is little time for.

But things are changing. Fast.

Connectivity technology, such as cloud based patient management systems that talk to your patients, as well as your practice peers , other practices and all the required clinical services, is coming fast, and in many cases, it is simplifying some of the previously complex issues. Also, the government, largely through the Australian Digital Health Agency, is now rolling out initiatives to break down once firm barriers, such as the interoperability issues between specialists and GPs, and between pathology and GPs.

Whether  you’re a grassroots GP, seeking practical ways to improve patient hours per day via technology, or a ‘GP connectivity guru’ wanting to engage more effectively and network with the country’s top thought leaders, Wild Health Melbourne, on April 17, at Collins Square in Melbourne, is an important event to get to.

Presented in a unique panel style Q&A format over one day, key panel topics include:

  • One Patient, One Record – the Holy Grail of health care or great white elephant hunt?
  • True, seamless interoperability: what does success look like?
  • eHealth on trial – what’s next?
  • Beyond 2020: the trends, challenges, devices and technologies expected to present new opportunities
  • Shifting the focus from data to clinical interoperability: when and how?
  • Mobile, Cloud and IoT – impacting models of care that are achieving greater connectivity and access
  • Can AI and data analytics participate in end-of-life decisions without the risk of harm?

Panelists  include:

  • Tim Kelsey – CEO of the Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Professor Enrico Coiera – Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University

  •  Emma Hossack – CEO of Extensia, and Executive Director of the Medical Software Industry Association

  • Dr Mukesh Haikewal – GP Melbourne, ex-AMA: president, digital GP champion

  • Professor Anthony Maeder – Flinders University Centre for Digital Health Research
  • Dr Nathan Pinksier – GP Mi7, Chair RACGP Committee for e-Health, ex NHETA
  • Dr Linda Swan – Chief Medical Officer, Medibank
  • Robyn Gillies –  Chief Clinical Information Officer, Melbourne Health
  • Dr Mohandra J Karunanithi –  Group leader, Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO \
  • Professor Erwin Loh – Chief Medical Officer Monash Health
  • And many more of our key thought leaders on these topics

Some advantages of attending?

  • Hear expert opinions and debates on the emerging disruptions impacting healthcare
  • Discover how next generation interoperability and connectivity will significantly impact your role
  • Be empowered and learn real-world strategies that can positively shape healthcare
  • Learn practical information which is immediately applicable in your practice or practice group to improving interoperability
  • Enjoy high-level networking opportunities with health’s most innovative and influential minds
  • Access downloadable presentations post-event and make key technology supplier contacts

As a TMR reader you can access the conference at a good discount using the following promotion code: WH15

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