18 March 2020

‘Going Viral’ with Dr Harry Nespolon

General practice Public Health

Herd immunity myth, should we close schools, serological testing, asymptomatic cases, and testing healthcare workers .A one-stop source of Coronavirus information for you and your patients as this rapidly evolving crisis unfolds brought to you by HealthEd

In today’s COVID-19 update, GP and RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon takes a look at the latest infection count, welcomes news of more test kits, and takes a look at the latest government measures. He also talks to Professor Raina MacIntyre, head of the Biosecurity Program at the Kirby Institute, about why we need to flatten the curve, why young people are key to containment efforts, serological testing and asymptomatic cases, tests for healthcare workers, and some emerging treatments. (15 mins)

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COVID-19 live update