20 May 2020

Going Viral – Covid-related issues in children


A one-stop source of coronavirus information for you and your patients as this rapidly evolving crisis unfolds.


In This Episode:

– The definitive update on PINS TS … Kawasaki’s-like disease, toxic shock syndrome and other COVID related issues in children
– Why are these syndromes clinically significant?
– What are the clinical features, when to suspect, how is it treated?
– Implications for the return to school

Host: Dr Harry Nespolon, GP and RACGP President
Guest: ProfessorDavid Burgner, Paediatric infectious diseases physician, (NHMRC) Senior Research Fellow, Honorary (NHFA) Future Leader Fellow, a Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University, Consultant at Monash Children’s Hospital, Researcher at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
Total time: 20 mins


COVID-19 live update