23 June 2020

Going viral: Concerning that spike in Victoria …


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In this episode:

– Should we be concerned about the spike reported in Victoria?
– Can the spike be controlled by changing restrictions?
– What should GPs be telling their patients in Victoria?
– Do not underestimate the risk and consequences of a second wave

Host: Dr David Lim, GP
Guest: Professor Robert Booy, Infectious Diseases Specialist; Senior Professorial Fellow, NCIRS; Professor, Child & Adolescent Health, Sydney Medical School, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Total time: 15 mins

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Tatiana Cimpoesu
Tatiana Cimpoesu
17 days 11 hours ago

I don’t see why public gatherings in country Victoria, especially outdoors, have to be limited to 10 people. All new cases are in Melbourne, we didn’t have a case in SW Victoria for three months, despite a massive testing blitz in May.
An outdoor gathering in the country, out in open space and fresh air, with more than 1.5 m distance between people is far less risky than shopping in a large shopping centre where people are in close proximity and air conditioners are circulating droplets for hours!