2 December 2019

Free webcast: Safe and responsible use of traditional opioids

Cardio Chronic Disease Clinical Pain Webinars

RACGP: 3 Category 2 CPD points approved
ACRRM: 2 Core PDP points approved

NOTE: The Management of Snake Bite presentation has been revised to contain further updates. As a result, the webcast is now expected to run for a longer duration (approximately 2.5 hours).




Safe and Responsible Use of Traditional Opioids in GP

Prof Milton Cohen, Rheumatologist and Pain Specialist, St Vincent’s Hospital; Conjoint Professor, St Vincent’s Clinical School, UNSW Australia

Opioid analgesics continue to have an important role in the management of non-cancer chronic pain, however “the US opioid crisis” has shown us that it must be done more carefully, with full awareness of both the benefits and risks. Prof Cohen is one of Australia’s leading pain management experts, and in this talk he will describe a practical framework for GPs to use when considering the use of traditional opioids and subsequent initiation, monitoring and communication with the patient on the treatment journey. With this systematic approach there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Shifting Paradigms in Prevention and Management of Heart Failure

A/Prof John Atherton, Director of Cardiology, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital; Associate Professor, University of Queensland; Adjunct Professor, Queensland University of Technology; Honorary Fellow, University of Melbourne; Pre-eminent Staff Specialist, Queensland Health

Professor Atherton will describe major new developments regarding the role of SGLTs in the prevention and management of heart failure. These findings relate both to patients with and without T2D. He will describe the significance of the recently reported DAPA HF findings and their practical relevance to frontline health professionals.

Management of Snake Bite

A/Prof Bill Nimo, Emergency Specialist; Deputy Director, The Epworth Hospital Richmond Emergency Department; Retrieval specialist, Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ); Associate Dean, Epworth Clinical School

A/Prof Nimo will provide an overview of snake bite in Australia and current first aid and hospital management. He will touch on some current issues such as the appropriate type and number of vials of antivenom one should give, and when it’s safe to keep and when should you transfer. During the talk he will demonstrate the use of the Snake Venom Detection Kit and discuss when it should be used.


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