16 March 2020

Asthma guidelines, COVID-19 at virtual respiratory meeting

Respiratory Technology

Global chronic care education group, Optimum Patient Care, has announced a fully virtual conference on May 9 for GPs which will look at the big respiratory issues facing the sector, including COVID-19, the new asthma guidelines and bushfires.

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As the sector scrambles to get organised ahead of what is forecast to be months of crisis management for GPs and the hospital sector, Optimum Patient Care (OPC), has announced that its capital city event tour on the big issues in respiratory has been retooled to be a fully virtual offering, including a live webinar on May 9.

This will be followed by a series of interactive opportunities for registered GPs, over a longer period in order not to take too much time on any one occasion. The event will feature all the same high level keynotes, and some interactive sessions with these keynotes.

They include:

Professor David Price, Primary Care Respiratory Society UK, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK, on the latest trends in Allergic Rhinitis
Professor Guy Marks,- Respiratory Physician and Scientia Professor at University of New South Wales, on the latest evidence on bushfires and the role of the GP in management
Professor Peter Wark, a senior staff specialist in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle and a conjoint Professor with the University of Newcastle, who will present the new asthma guidelines and discuss their broad ranging implications for the manage of asthma by GPs
Professor Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, Principal Research Fellow, School of Medical Sciences and an internationally recognised expert in the area of inhaler use and leads the Quality Use of Medicines Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, presenting on the latest in COPD device management

The event will also have a comprehensive update on the latest clinical evidence findings for corona virus management in a GP setting.

OPC told The Medical Republic, that while there were very immediate issues for the GP community to take care of, eventually some form of updating and education would need to start to occur, especially around some critical emerging issues in respiratory, such as the impending changes to the Asthma Guidelines in Australia, and the COVID-19 crisis from a clinical standpoint itself.

Head of OPC, global respiratory expert Dr David Price, told The Medical Republic that “acute respiratory care is a priority topic for all primary care – bushfires, haze, now coronavirus, in addition to significant changes in asthma and COPD. Our thanks go to GPs nationwide and to the faculty for pulling such a robust agenda together for virtual delivery at this critical time.”

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Note: Professor Price and Professor Bosnic-Anticevich are board members of TMR‘s sister publication Allergy & Respiratory Republic.

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