15 June 2017

Fifty shades of beige


TMR has always been envious of the creative geniuses who come up with the names for the colours found on the paint charts in the neighbourhood hardware emporium.

Long gone are the days when manufacturers could get away with calling an off-white hue something as bland as “bone” or “cream”. But could the “shade namers” be about to go the way of the wheelwright and the lamplighter? Sadly, yes, if the AI boffins have their way.

Programmers have developed software to not only create new paint colours, but also to name them. The results are, perhaps predictably, quite hilarious – just like the human versions.

Some of the AI offerings include: Stoned Blue, Bull Cream, Dorky Brown, Rose Colon, Drimple, Copper Panty, Farty Red and the delighfully cryptic Kold of Tale. We’ve reproduced those AI colours above.

Can you match the shades with the names? There’s no prize for getting it right, only the satisfaction of being just as imaginative as a machine.

And the answers are:

1: Bull Cream

2: Stoned Blue

3: Rose Colon

4: Copper Panty

5: Drimple

6: Farty Red

7: Kold of Tale

8: Dorky Brown