7 June 2017

Double-chin treatment makes us go … hmmmm


Does your Barking Moonbat Early Warning Detection System start twitching like a frog in a sock when you hear the words “new frontier in facial aesthetics?” How about a “clinically proven, non-surgical, injectable treatment” for the physiognomic curse of the double chin?

According to a media release which recently lobbed into TMR’s in-tray, a new product – deoxycholic acid – has now been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for “improvement in the appearance of submental fullness”.

The acid, we are told, “destroys pre-playtsmal fat when injected into the treatment area, generating an improved chin profile”.

Apparently, fullness under the chin can be “resistant” to diet and exercise, and can make people look older or heavier than they actually are!

And it’s even worse if you are female, because, for women, a double chin “is not generally associated with the ideal youthful female face shape”.

Hmmmm ….