3 September 2020

COVID-19 gets a birthday party but you don’t

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A Facebook event celebrating COVID-19’s first birthday has gone … well… viral.

World domination, mass death, cancelling almost every social activity on the planet… when you think about it, COVID-19 has quite a resume for a one-year-old viral particle.

While we’ve all had to delay our birthday celebrations indefinitely, COVID-19’s first birthday party will be an absolute cracker.

Tens of thousands of people are planning to attend a Facebook event for this little bundle of protein-spiked joy, which will apparently kick off at 6pm on 18 December 2020.

“Over the course of 2020, COVID-19 has had such a big impact on all of our lives and I want to wish it a happy 1st birthday,” the event organiser (who appears to be a teenager called Hugo) said.

“So, come join me on the 18th and let’s give a toast (and the middle finger) to COVID-19.”

Around 35,000 people are “going” to the online event and around 170,000 people have clicked “interested” (which, of course, means about nine people might actually show up).

If you see something stupid, say something stupid… How are you planning to celebrate COVID’s birthday? Send party invitations to [email protected]

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nicholas mclernon
nicholas mclernon
24 days 13 hours ago
We all got used to living with our scary 1 year olds just as we’ll get used to SARSCOV2. Freaking out doesn’t usually help any parent, it certainly isn’t helping us at the moment. Just like when I was a registrar its nice to see Prof Murtagh’s words to calm us all down. Doesn’t look like our medical leaders have read his recent letter to parliament or his seminal text book. If they did read his book they only remembered the “not to be missed” sections (covid) rather than thinking about the most likely diagnosis (every other disease).