19 July 2019

BP Jade upgrades clinical and management functions

General Practice Practice Management Technology

Medical practice software specialists Best Practice has released an updated version of its general practice software with new clinical and management features designed to meet the challenges of changing primary care environment.

Called Bp Premier Jade, the software includes updated BMI calculators and enhancements for asthma care and managing My Health Records.

The status of a patient’s MHR can now be checked regularly, and if a patient has opted out of the system the record will be deactivated.

Clinicians also have access to BMI calculators with percentile charts for children aged two years and over and for adolescents.

The new software includes updates to the asthma action plan and symptom sheet, with an additional spirometry compliance check.

“As always, we are committed to continual improvement to management features as well; and Jade includes enhancements in appointment reporting, multi-location customised layouts, and ePIP reporting,” Best Practice’s General Manager for Innovation and Development John Rayfield said.

The customised location plans are a useful feature for practices operating across multiple locations. The word processing function enables the generation of letterheads which can include location-specific details, such as address fields and ABN.

The location ABN information will now appear on receipts and invoices and tThe text from PDF documents can be conveniently copied and pasted into the word processor.

To assist a GP’s ePIP reporting obligations, the inbuilt Shared Health Summary report pinpoints the location of the clinician who uploaded it.

Furthermore, the follow-up inbox includes important patient appointment information such as location, patient name, length, and type.