15 April 2019

Best not try this at home


Now here’s a diet that is certain to prove popular with at least some of your patients.

It’s the beer-only regime that has been adopted by a US man as part of what can only be considered a fairly dubious commitment to the Christian tradition of Lent, whereby the religious faithful forgo something they like (typically chocolate or broccoli) in the 40-day period leading up to the Easter festivities.

In this case however, a brewery worker, named Del Hall, has given up all food and is consuming only the amber liquid produced by his employers.

After 18 days into the boozy adventure, Del claims to have lost a commendable 12kg, and told local Cincinatti media that he “felt amazing”. Well he would say that, wouldn’t he.

The novel, but by no mean unprecedented, diet was apparently inspired by the practice of 17th century Bavarian monks, who would also solicit divine intervention by ingesting brewed beverages only.