8 March 2019

It’s so bad it’s good: Temora’s “quack quest”

Practice Management RedHerring

Need to replace three of your long term doctors in a small country town? Forget the online classifieds. Do your own viral video.

Rural recruitment of GPs is a tricky proposition. Even trickier if you’re about to lose three long termers from a team of eight to retirement and you want some good quality candidates. What do you do?

Temora in South Western NSW decided to skip the medical classifieds, and go with a $5000 grant from the local Council to produce this video. While you wouldn’t say it’s quite made viral grade yet (about 2200 views so far) , its certainly got the attention of the mainstream media this week with appearances on both ABC radio and TV. Which is priceless publicity.

It’s really bad. And so good. Maybe Temora’s for you?


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