7 June 2018

Apology: one, two or three colleges story


On Wednesday I published a story about the GPDU session asking the question of whether we should have one, two or three colleges and I made several errors. I have corrected those errors in the article but for those who have not read the corrected version.

  1. Dr Liza Lack was originally billed as the president of the RNZCGP. She is in fact National Clinical Lead General Practice Education at Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.
  2. I originally, in haste, said that hardly any bigwigs made it to the panel. That wasn’t true. There was Dr Lack and the chairs of the Queensland and Victorian RACGP boards, and a good ACRRM representative to boot.
  3. In a similar vein, I implied that some important people opted out, when in fact they were not even asked. The most prominent was Dr Bastian Seidel, who is on leave expecting a baby.
  4. The story features a poll that was taken during the session. TMR instigated that poll after hearing the moderator say they would go to a vote at some point. That, however, was moderator humour. So GPDU in no way sanctioned a poll being conducted. In fact, they specifically did not want one.

I apologise to everyone who may have been misrepresented by this lazy writing and any hurt or harm it may have caused.

The story is re-edited and is a story by TMR, not GPDU.


Jeremy Knibbs


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Max Kamien
Max Kamien
11 months 11 days ago
We all stuff up at some time especially when working in a different culture such as GPDU. But this is good for people in God like positions such as editors and publishers. Another possibility was explained to me by a Japanese academic (an expert on the blood supply to the inner ear). To keep his job he had to publish 4 times a year. His technique was to publish and then retract on some minor point. That gave him 2 publications. Have a good weekend. The sun will still rise come Monday even if, as in current Perth, it is… Read more »