2 June 2017

AMA honours GP for leadership roles


A prominent Western Australian GP has been honoured with the AMA’s President’s Award at the association’s national conference.

Described as a “stalwart of general practice advocacy”, Professor Bernard Pearn-Rowe was presented with the award for his outstanding contributions towards furthering the objectives of the AMA.

Professor Pearn-Rowe ran a solo GP practice in Perth, while also taking on medical leadership positions for almost three decades.

“He understands from personal experience the challenges facing GPs every day, making him an informed and effective advocate,” AMA president Dr Michael Gannon said.

As convenor of the federal AMA Council of General Practice from 2004, Professor Pearn-Rowe contributed to policy on e-health, medical education, GP workforce, red tape reduction and the role of GPs in disaster situations.

“Amid his many commitments, [he] has also found the time to pen a weekly medical column in The West Australian newspaper, making him an outstanding face of the AMA in Western Australia,” Dr Gannon said.

Professor Pearn-Rowe’s leadership stretches back to 1989, when he became chair of the RACGP in his home state of WA.

He also served as president of the AMA in WA and was appointed as Foundation Professor of Clinical Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

In 1998, he became the chair of the AMA WA Council of General Practice and he was later appointed a fellow of the federal AMA.

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Bernard Pearn-Rowe
Bernard Pearn-Rowe
1 year 5 months ago
Hi Lou, I don’t know if I know you, but thank you very much for your congratulations which are greatly appreciated. There’s just a hint of cynicism in your comments – and believe me I am no stranger to cynicism. The AMA really does need your input and you can make that at a local level to your local President, or to the national President or Vice President. We need the feedback of members, and I know that these colleagues – both of whom I know well and respect – will give your views the respect they deserve. Please do… Read more »
Lou Lewis
Lou Lewis
1 year 6 months ago

As much as it pains me to admit it, but I feel that the AMA has done something right and honourable in its recent cknowledgement of a truly remarkable general practitioner by giving the AMA’s President’s Award at the association’s national conference to Professor Pearn-Rowe, who ran a solo GP practice in Perth, while also taking on medical leadership positions for almost three decades, even one involving the RACGP.
Congratulations to both the AMA and especially Professor Pearn-Rowe.